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"Personal Codes" painting from Celestial Connection 17-B-8, 2017 78"x96" oil on canvas


"Shadows of the Mind" painting from Celestial Cube 18-C-32018 60"x72" oil on canvas


"Shadows of the Mind" painting from Cosmic Theater 18-B-6, 2018 96"x78" oil on canvas

"Close Binary" painting from Celestial Connection 18-B-1, 2018 72"x122" oil on canvas
"Polaris" painting from Cosmic Equation 19-B-1 , 2019 78"x137" sumi ink & oil on canvas
"Personal Codes " painting from Cosmic Geometry19-B-4, 2019 76"x96"sumi ink &oil on canvas  

"Tesseract Study" painting from Cosmic Encounter 19-D-7 & 8 , 2019 45.5"x42.5" 43.5"x45" (shaped canvas)oil on canvas

"Tesseract Study " painting from Cosmic Equation 19-B-32019 96"x78" sumi ink &oil on canvas
"Quantum Chandelier" painting from Celestial Cadenza 20-B-22020 78"x96" oil on canvas
"Codebreaker" painting from Celestial Maze 20-B-12020 96"x78" oil on canvas
"Cosmic Returning " painting from Quantum Chandelier 21-B-1, 2021 78"x96" oil on canvas
"Quantum Chandelier " painting from Tesseract Study 21-B-2, 2021 78"x96" oil on canvas
"Blackbox" painting from Celestial Narratives 17-B-6, 2017 96"x78" oil on canvas
Commission : CTA Millennium Station (wabash/washington) 2 Glass Murals 2017