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“Reminiscence”, OneAfter909, Chicago 12/13-1/4/20

“It’s a small show after all” Hefthimer gallery, Chicago 11/8-12/20

"Cosmic Codes" OneAfter909 Gallery, Chicago 10/25-12/7/2019

"Anchor Graphics: 25 Years of Printmaking" 10/17/2019-1/24/2020 The Hokin Gallery - Columbia College Chicago - 623 S Wabash, 1st Floor

"Michiko Itatani-Tesseract Study" Faculty Projects SAIC Sullivan Galleries, Chicago 8/26-10/19/2019

"What Came After’: Figurative Painting in Chicago 1978-1998” Elmhurst Museum 9/13-1/12/2020 

“New Age, New Age : Strategies for Survival”  DePaul Art Museum, Chicago 4/5-8/11/2019

“Dreamhouse vs. Punk House” Serious Topics, Los Angeles, CA 3/23-9/29/2019

Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA October-January (postponed)

"Shadows of the Mind" Linda Warren Project, Chicago, IL 9/7-10/27, 2018

"Focus on Abstract Gems", Anita Shapolsky, NYC 2/13-4/7, 2018

"Go Figure” Linda Warren Project, Chicago 9/9-11/4, 2017

“Visual Philosophy” http://mailchi.mp/ab8e649a6d10/press-release-visual-philosophy?e=37dc70e395
Michiko Itatani, Buffie Johnson, William Manning and Jeanne Miles.
Anita Shapolsky Gallery, NYC 8/30-10/28, 2017

"Michiko Itatani: Celestial Narratives" solo exhibition, http://www.lc.edu/michikoitatani/
Hatheway Cultural Center Gallery, Godfrey, IL(near St. Louis) 8/21-9/22, 2017

"Michiko Itatani, Celestial Visions" solo exhibition
Illinois State Museum, 3/23 - 6/5, 2017 (partially extended to August 20)
502 South Spring St. Springfield, IL 62706 (217)524-5744

“Blue” group exhibition
Sherry Leedy Contemporary, Kansas City, MO, 2/3-3/24, 2017

"Starry Night Encounter - Ichigo-Ichie" solo exhibition
Linda Warren Projects
9/9(Fri)-10/22(Sat), 2016
327 north aberdeen, suite 151 Chicago, IL 60607 (312)432-9500

"Hi-Point Contact - 1976-present" solo exhibition
ZB Art Center 10/17(Mon)-12/30(Fri), 2016
1029 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 60609 (773)523-0200